Royal Kaila Spa: Experience sensational healing in Waikiki

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Experience special healing at Royal Kaila Spa overlooking Waikiki Beach

Located in the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Royal Kaila features a full menu of spa services. Our experienced and dedicated therapists provide the highest quality of care, all delivered within a luxurious and relaxing environment.
We are proud to be an Aveda Concept Spa, and as such, we use only Aveda's nature-based products in our treatments, which of course include Aveda's signature treatments.



Dec. 05, 2016 "Honolulu Marathon Day SPA OPEN Hours"

Are you ready to run the Honolulu Marathon??
"Honolulu Marathon Day SPA OPEN Hours"
9:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday, 12/11/2016

Come and get a AVEDA aroma Pre- and Post- massage!

Dec. 01, 2016 December Special

¡úBook a LOMI LOMI MASSAGE (80min) $190... Get a FREE Aroma Blessing Sea Salt and FREE upgrade CARIBBEAN THERAPY BACK SCRUB/MASK This scrub naturally exfoliates your skin with Caribbean sugar cane and sea salt granules while leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated within your treatment time. Also mango and ginger lily nourishes and moisturizes your skin. This scrub will not only revive your skin but also your senses which will complete this island-inspired experience.

¡úBook a Stress-fix Massage(80min) $190... Get a FREE upgrade CARIBBEAN THERAPY BACK SCRUB/MASK

¡úBook a BRAZILIAN WAX(60min) $94... Get a FREE LIP WAX($21 value)

¡úPurchase more than $200 on products ... get a FREE 20min Elemental Nature Massage OR 20min Elemental Nature Facial

¡úBook FACIAL(50min or 80min ) and get a FREE upgrade Hot Stone HAND Massage.

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